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Hello, My name is Vanessa Westwell and I am so glad to meet you. I am excited to share the amazing range of Nikken products with you today. They have changed my life and I am sure they will change yours. A little about me? I am so lucky to have a job I love. I work as an Energy Healer using a system called The Emotion Code™ helping people and animals in the UK and internationally. It is very rewarding. I have a Psychology degree and had a career in Training & Development before I raised my family. Later, I trained as a Life Coach and I am now a Certified Emotion Code Practitioner. I first heard about Nikken when I wanted to buy a Mag Duo and a Mag Creator magnet to use with my clients. And my love affair with Nikken has gone on from there... I am now proud to be an Independent Nikken Consultant, helping people to be happier and healthier. What do you know about Nikken? Nikken is a Japanese company. It is the global leader in the wellness industry with superbly researched and designed, easy to use, unique, patented products. You can enhance your life in six important areas: Sleep, Water, Air, Light, Nutrition and Skincare. I hope you enjoy looking at the products in the Shop. They are all made of high quality materials, designed to last. You can order using my Independent Nikken Consultant ID number, and have your items delivered to your home in the UK. If you want products sent to other destinations in the world, there is a dedicated International Ordering Team to help you with that. So, please have a browse in the Shop, and if you have any questions, drop me a quick email on or send me a message on Whats app or Facebook Messenger on (0044) 07990 973685. If you would prefer a face-to-face chat, we can arrange to meet on Skype. I am looking forward to helping you to travel light in your life. Vanessa Westwell - Travelling Light

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  • It is illegal for a promoter or a participant in a trading scheme to persuade anyone to make a payment by promising benefits from getting others to join a scheme.
  • Do not be misled by claims that high earnings are easily achieved.

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Nikken PowerBand™
PiMag® Bottle
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